Family Therapy

Family Negative patterns can be easily developed in our family relationships.  These pitfalls can often happen unexpectedly and suddenly, leaving us in a tailspin of conflict and despair.  Whether it's problems communicating, blended family issues, or resolving conflict, it can be very beneficial to have a trained professional, who can provide perspective and help each family member feel understood.   We have Therapists who have special training facilitating family therapy promoting change, positive communication and reconcilation.

Feel free to contact one of our Private Practice Therapists to discuss family therapy.

Cherelle Brown, MS. LCMFT, LAC (316) 670-9895
Tracy Stuever, MS, LCMFT, RPT-S (316) 648-8886
Kris Schulte, LSCSW, RPT (316) 613-3995

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