Grief Loss Therapy

Man Starting out to Ocean Grief comes in all forms and flows through all areas of our lives. Sometimes we may feel sad or overwhelmed and not understand why or where the feelings are coming from. Every change that occurs in our lives can create some form of grief and/or loss, even if it's a positive change. We may recognize the obvious loss, such as death, infertility, or chronic illness; even though we recognize the loss, we may not know how to move forward without stuffing the emotion.  There is no timeline for grief and at Four Branches Therapy & Wellness, LLC, we understand just that.  Each of  the Private Practice Therapists are trained to help you identify the source of your pain & help resolve your grief, by providing a safe place for your to process, and let go of the discomfort.  Feel free to contact one of the Private Practice Therapists to discuss Grief/Loss Therapy or Life Transition Therapy.

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